From Centraal Boekhuis to logistics expert

Centraal Boekhuis has been the primary logistics service provider for the book trade since 1871. In 2012, the company wanted to expand its services to the fashion and healthcare sectors. A difficult transition when your name is ‘Boekhuis’, but naturally the company did not want to break its close ties with the book industry.

Development of logo and brand style

The brand architecture was flexible to allow other markets to be added to the brand later (there is now CB Fashion and CB Healthcare). A ribbon plays an important symbolic role in the visual identity.

Digital tools

Another important objective of the new CB was an accessible online presence..
Smidswater created a responsive website.

A motto that pulls everything together.

CB connects companies, people and products. The motto, ‘ahead with smart logistics’, strengthens that message since that was in fact always the driving force.


With the help of its fresh rebranding, CB has expanded into new markets. In the process it has acquired new clients in the fashion and healthcare sectors and positioned itself more clearly as an all-round logistics expert.

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