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How do you encourage employers to hire a person with a handicap? You have to look for deeper motivation. Why would you do it, and why not? And where do you start?

No gimmicks, no extensive information about policies. Simply explaining why they should. With honest stories. That is the key to the campaign “Ondernemen met je hart”.

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It is then all about storytelling. Stories that start a discussion of the subject and persuade employers to take the plunge with a trial placement. A nice, safe introduction with no obligation with a person from the target group.

Authentic stories: that is the key to our campaign. After all, doesn’t someone with a disability also deserve a job?

A survey we conducted showed that one of the reasons employers are anxious about hiring a disabled person or a person with poor prospects on the labour market is because they know little about them. With our content strategy, we provide information in a straightforward and effective manner through cartoons, white papers, fact sheets and infographics.

Things have been buzzing internally as well. Account managers keep themselves up to date by attending meetings and subscribing to digital newsletters. A special toolbox with folders, fact sheets and USB sticks with a PowerPoint presentation ensures that employers always hear the same story.


We have been going for three years now. And with success. The annual evaluations show that employers are increasingly supportive of the idea of hiring someone. Here are some figures:

Sessions on the campaign website in the first year


Traffic on the campaign website via social media


Subscriptions to newsletter


Jobs created for people with an occupational disability since 2015

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What our clients say

Smidswater’s analyses are excellent and it is pleasant discussing things with them. We conducted a tremendous communication campaign which enabled us to give employers the intrinsic motivation. They are also a fine communication partner who know what they are doing in terms of brand positioning.

Anne-Fleur de Vries

Interim Senior Communication Advisor, Werkgeverdienstverlening i.e.