Branding for Centre for the Arts.

Nieuwe Veste is an organization that wants to discover how it can best help to improve the social and cultural life of Breda for everyone in the city. But many people are unaware of the wide range of services provided by Nieuwe Veste. It asked Smidswater to review the Nieuwe Veste brand and the associated communication and to design a broadly supported and future-proof brand architecture.

The ultimate conclusion was that the separate brands of Nieuwe Veste, Breda’s public library, the Nieuwe Veste Centre for the Arts Breda and the Breda Cultuurwinkel should in future operate under a single brand name: Nieuwe Veste. We went on to advise Nieuwe Veste on a new visual brand personality to match the organization’s ambitions. The result of the search: Nieuwe Veste assumed the role of ‘connecting catalyst’, a platform working with others to promote the personal development and citizenship of all the city’s residents. The new slogan: Nieuwe Veste. Surprise yourself. The new communication strategy reflects an organization that literally connects people and initiatives in the city. In a playful and pleasurable manner.