Data visualisation for Airbus.

Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands plays an important role in the international spaceflight industry. The company is among the world leaders in the development of satellite instruments. With the satellites OMI and TROPOMI, it receives a wealth of data about air quality on earth. Smidswater helped Airbus to visualize all that data online.

The OMI satellite has been measuring information about space since 2004. Since October 2017, the data has been supplemented and enhanced by TROPOMI, an instrument for which we had earlier produced the branding. The improvements in both the resolution and sensitivity of TROPOMI greatly enhance the accuracy of the information it supplies.

But all that data only tells us something if we can properly understand it. Together with the developers at Airbus, we translated the data to interactive maps derived from Google Maps. These maps give a transparent impression of the air quality today and the forecast for tomorrow. There are also figures with data showing how the air quality will develop over a particular period.

View the quality monitor here.