Next level for Academy for Leisure.

The Academy for Leisure is one of the five academies of the Breda University of Applied Sciences (formerly the NHTV). The academy offers various professional and academic courses relating to the leisure industry. Although the website contained a lot of facts about the programmes, the academy still had nowhere to really publicise its DNA.

It was time for a new website! To tell the story of the academy in a variety of ways: with illustrations, videos and quotes from students. The Academy for Leisure also wanted to show how much was happening in the academy: talented students regularly organizing events, the introduction of new minors in the curriculum, inspiring speakers giving guest lectures and research that has made the news. This all had to be covered on the website.

The new website gives students a clear impression of the programmes that are offered. The term you immediately associate with the Academy of Leisure now is ‘an experience’. The online communication is exciting and inviting. With the help of current students, we portrayed an average day in the life of the students there.

In addition to providing courses, the Academy for Leisure also makes its mark on the professional practice in the creative industry and the leisure sector, for example with the large amount of research the academy conducts every year. The new site therefore not only provides current and prospective students with a good impression of the the academy, but also alumni and potential clients.

Visit the website Academy for Leisure.