Redesign of bank cards and brand alignment

Smidswater designed a new range of bank cards for ING. Since February, ING’s bank cards and credit cards have been given a new, low-key look in which the customer’s details are clearly highlighted. The basic colour of all the cards is orange, so that customers can easily recognize the card in their wallet. The cards have also been printed with an innovative technique that makes it appear as though the ING lion has been printed on the card in 3D.
Ontwerp bankpassen
‘This is not only symbolic, but above all means that customers can recognize their ING bank card or credit card at a glance amongst all the other cards in their wallet’ - ING.

From 88 to 8

Eight new designs will replace the 88 different bank cards that are in circulation around the world. It is part of ING’s ambition of presenting a single uniform brand to all of its global customers. Brand alignment, which is something we at Smidswater are all in favour of.

Ontwerp creditcards

The new bank cards and credit cards went into production a few weeks ago. Customers will not all receive the new cards at the same time, but when their current card expires or if they request a replacement for a lost or stolen card. All 9.7 million outstanding bank cards and credit cards in the Netherlands, and 15 million cards worldwide, will have been replaced by the new cards in four or five years’ time.