Repositioning of Delftse Poort in Rotterdam

It is an iconic office building alongside Rotterdam Centraal Station. Everyone knows and recognizes Delftse Poort, but almost no one knows that the building is open to every type of visitor. When Nationale Nederlanden vacated a large part of the building, its new owner, CBRE Global Investors, had the opportunity to redefine the Delftse Poort brand. What is the building’s strength? What are the professionals of today and tomorrow looking for?

Innocent Creator as archetype

More than ever, professionals look for connection and inspiration in their working environment. A very different point of departure than the building’s former image: practical and chique, with stature. Defltse Poort’s new identity and positioning were defined on the basis of a study of the archetypes of a brand personality. The search ended at ‘the innocent creator’, a far more appropriate archetype for what Delftse Poort wants to be and for today’s professionals. Within this archetype there is more room for creativity, for being yourself and for contact with others, also from outside the building. All of these being aspects to which the contemporary employee attaches far greater value than a purely businesslike environment.

Honeycomb and slogan

In addition to a good product range, the new positioning naturally also called for a convincing and distinctive brand. The new corporate identity reflects all the elements of the brand identity. A notable feature is the beehive motif, the visualization of the network of connections that Delftse Poort actually is. The style is visible in more and more places, in the building and online. The new slogan expresses the new energy, the possibilities and the ambitions: Join it. Share it. Make it.

Optimizing the customer journey

Delftse Poort must be top-of-mind for potential tenants, in the Netherlands and abroad. There is a lot of space available. But what are today’s office users looking for, and above all how are they searching for it? In an extensive customer journey session, CBRE Global Investors and Smidswater mapped the entire customer journey and established where there was room for improvent in the communication.

Enormous stickers and socials

Sometimes you just have to shout it from the rooftops. So Delftse Poort posted enormous stickers on the façade facing the train station with the clear message that there was room in he building for new businesses. Meanwhile, the social media are in full swing. The Instagram page is an ideal hangout for the connaisseurs of the building and of architecture in general. The Facebook page connects with followers in the building and elsewhere and also allows the driven professionals in the building to have their say. Share it. The coming period will be devoted mainly to renovation and making a connection with the city of Rotterdam in order to improve the match between the building’s image and its new positioning. To be continued.

About CBRE Global Investors

CBRE Global Investors is a leading real estate asset manager. The investment fund of CBRE Global Investors (CBRE Dutch Office Fund) invests in multifunctional office buildings in A1 locations worldwide, including the four major cities in the Netherlands. The portfolio includes landmark buildings such as WTC Amsterdam, UP Office Building, WTC Schiphol. WTC Utrecht (in development) and Delftse Poort in Rotterdam. The CBRE Dutch Office Fund endeavours to seamlessly match the constantly changing wishes of tenants and users and lead the way in terms of sustainability and technology. Service, quality improvement and the user experience are at the forefront of the efforts to achieve that. Furthermore, the office use is geared as far as possible to the future demand from users. Providing excellent service for tenants and forming strategic partnerships: those are the keys to success in achieving those objectives.

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